Advanced Placement (AP)


AP Courses Offered



AP courses are for students who always get good grades.

AP courses are for any students who are academically prepared and motivated to take college-level courses.

AP courses are too stressful.

It's no secret that AP courses are challenging. But the support you receive from your classmates and teachers can help you manage the workload.

I don't think I will score high enough on the AP Exam to get college credit.

You don’t need to score a 5. Many colleges grant credit — and placement as well — based on a 3 or higher on an AP Exam.

Taking AP courses could hurt my GPA.

AP grades are weighted. Plus, taking AP courses shows colleges that you’re willing to challenge yourself academically.

I can’t take AP because no one has recommended me.

If you think you’re ready to take an AP course, then you’re ready to advocate for yourself — just talk to a teacher or counselor.

For detailed information on Advanced Placement Courses, please open the AP Presentation HERE (in Powerpoint format).