Middle School 101

7th Grade supply list - click HEre


The middle school at Stivers School for the Arts is organized into two clusters, one for 7th grade and one for 8th grade.  The cluster includes all students in that grade and their four academic teachers for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Each cluster works together to provide not only quality education but also a safe, caring, and consistent environment for each of our 7th and 8th graders.

  • The middle school wing is located on the 4th floor and divided into 2 clusters by grade level.
  • Our students truly are “our kids” when they are with us.  Our cluster is a family!
  • We meet as teams every day to plan, conference with parents, and help individual students.
  • We provide a familiar “routine” and continuity in every class.
  • Our discipline is always fair and consistent in every classroom.
  • We are each dedicated to educating ourselves, trying new things, and sharing with each other.
  • It is never a competition….it is ALWAYS a team!

Organization ~The Key to Survival!

  • Organization is a skill to be learned; for some, it takes a lot of time, effort and practice.  Be patient!
  • Use the homework folder/planner!  All work is written on the board in each classroom and discussed daily.
  • The binders are color-coded by subject.
  1. Language Arts – Blue
  2. Math – Black
  3. Science – Green
  4. Social Studies – Red
  • Home Access Center is your friend!  You can check for current grades.   The calendar lists assignments, lesson plans, and other notable dates.  You may even e-mail the teacher and receive a quick response!

Things to Remember

  • Middle School students are still kids, not mini-adults.
  • They still need parental monitoring and guidance.
  • NEVER ask "Do you have homework?", always ASK “let me see you your homework.”
  • Ask your child, “What was your best highlight of the day?”  Share your highlight too!
  • Check and replenish supplies frequently.
  • Check and clean out backpacks weekly.