Choir Auditions

for Grades 7


Develop, unify and heal the voice, by giving the students tools and skills to improve technique; by building confidence; and inspiring, motivating and challenging singers to a lifelong musical expression.

Magnet Overview

The Stivers Choir magnet is a classically based choral program that emphasizes healthy vocal production. The “bel canto” technique is the foundation for all healthy singing, in all styles of singing.

The Choirs offered at Stivers are:

Each group meets for one class period every day; Chorale and Chamber meet for 2 periods per day.
Students may receive a sectional/small group lesson one period each week.
Advanced students may receive a private lesson per week.

Step-By-Step Audition Process

Evaluation of Choir auditions will be based upon:

  1. Presentation of the prepared song
  2. Vocally matching pitch to a short series of notes played on the piano
  3. Participate in a written assessment identifying musical knowledge (provided)
  4. Performing vocal exercises (for range)
  5. Write a short statement that explains goals in the field of choral music and reasons for choosing Stivers School for the Arts

How to Prepare

Students will prepare a song (choose one) from the provided downloads:

Students may not sing a “pop” song for their Stivers audition

Students may not use recorded accompaniment or sing a cappella. An accompanist will be provided at the time of the audition.