Orchestra Auditions for Grades 7

Magnet Overview

Stivers offers four levels of orchestra performance. Membership in each group is determined solely by audition, ability, and achievement.

Our two highest levels of Orchestra enroll mostly high school players. There are a few middle school players within the top two Orchestras. Each group meets for one class period every day.

Step-By-Step Audition Requirements

  1. Students prepare one of the audition pieces provided below OR a piece of their choosing that is not from the list provided below. Candidates are encouraged to bring their own instrument to the audition.
  2. Students will play as much of the audition music that is possible for their level of achievement. The music offered for them to use below starts on a very simple level and becomes increasingly more difficult. Each player should start at the beginning and proceed as far as possible.
  3. Students will be asked to play a piece they have not prepared, demonstrating their ability to read music notation at sight.
  4. Students will be asked to play a scale of their choice and a scale of the director's choice.
  5. Students will be asked to sing a given melody, demonstrating their ability to match pitch.
  6. All incoming students will be asked to write a short statement describing their goals as an orchestra performer and their reasons for choosing Stivers to fulfill those goals.

Audition Scoring

The audition will be evaluated on a scale of five points with five points being the highest and one point being the lowest in the following areas:

We do not offer beginning level classes. Students must have some performance skills to be in the orchestra program. Students should have their own violins. We do have violas, cellos, and string basses for students to use as rentals.

How to Prepare

Young musicians auditioning for the Stivers Orchestra Magnet should prepare a line from a method book or a solo they have learned and can play with confidence.  Candidates will be asked to play the music they prepared, an open string scale, and demonstrate their listening skills.  If possible, please bring an extra copy of the music being performed.

Performance music is available for download below. Sheet music is presented online in Adobe PDF format.