Orchestra Auditions for Grades 8-12

Magnet Overview

Stivers offers four levels of orchestra performance. Membership in each group is determined solely by audition, ability, and achievement.

Our two highest levels of Orchestra enroll mostly high school players. There are a few middle school players within the top two Orchestras. Each group meets for one class period every day.

Step-By-Step Audition Process

  1. Audition candidates are required to play the entire audition music literature. They may also choose to play a second piece that is not from the provided music below.
  2. All candidates must play scales from memory.
  3. The required 2-octave major scales for the violin are G, A, Bb, C, and A-flat. The required 2-octave scales for viola and cello are C, D, G, A, and E-flat. The one-octave major scales required for bass are C, F, D, B- flat, and E-flat.
  4. All markings are to be played, bowings, dynamics, articulations, etc.

Audition Scoring

The audition will be evaluated on a scale of five points with five points being the highest and one point being the lowest in the following areas:

How to Prepare