Piano Auditions for Grades 7-8


The following guidelines will prepare you for the audition for the Piano Magnet.

The Stivers Piano Magnet program is designed to meet the needs of each piano student. All students work on an individualized program that is specifically designed to match their musical strengths and weaknesses.

Audition Requirements

Piano audition candidates should perform the most difficult piece in the student's repertoire. This piece does not have to be memorized. Students are asked to bring an additional two copies [which may be duplicated] of the music with the measures marked for the judges' review. Or, the candidate may choose one from the selections enclosed in this packet. The difficulty of the piece will not solely determine the success of the audition.


The evaluation system is being refined and will be updated soon.

Sheet Music

Examples of appropriate pieces are shown below. Please prepare your most difficult piece for the audition.
(sheet music is presented in Adobe format)

Country Gardens
Roller Coaster