Theatre Auditions

for Grades 7



Magnet Overview

The Stivers Theatre program will introduce the student to the basics of theatre history, technique, and stagecraft. Courses explore famous playwrights, play reading and writing, memorizing monologues and scripts, improvisations, character analysis, vocal interpretation, stage make-up, costuming, directing, and technical theatre.

Step-By-Step Audition Process

  1. Presentation of a memorized selection. The audition will be deemed unsuccessful if the monologue is not memorized. Please choose one of the selections available for download below. Professional dress is strongly recommended.
  2. Participation in an acting activity or improvisation.
  3. A short written questionnaire concerning the student's goals and interests.
  4. A brief interview with the student concerning their theatrical experiences, what you enjoy about theatre, and why you want to continue to study the theatrical arts.

Audition Scoring

(100 point system: 50 points for monologue, 25 for improvisation, and 25 for interview)

Audition Preparation

Audition performance monologues are available for download HERE and HERE.
(monologues are presented in Adobe format)