Theatre Auditions

for Grades 8-12



Magnet Overview

The following guidelines will prepare you for the audition for the Theater Magnet.
The Stivers Theatre program will introduce the student to the basics of theatre history, technique, and stagecraft. Courses explore famous playwrights, play reading and writing, memorizing monologues and scripts, improvisations, character analysis, vocal interpretation, stage make-up, costuming, directing, and technical theatre.

Step-By-Step Audition Process

You will participate in:

  1. Two 60-90 second contrasting monologues that showcase your talent. Choose these monologues well in advance and come prepared with them memorized.
  2. Cold readings from a script
  3. Improvisation or acting exercise

Audition Scoring

Evaluation (100 point system: 50 points for monologue, 25 for improvisation, and 25 for cold reading)

How to Prepare

Please bring a copy of your monologues with you as well as your headshot and resume. All monologues must be from a published play, and potential students should read the play if possible. Please choose age appropriate material, no props or costumes. Please slate both of your monologues. Professional attire is strongly recommended.