Visual Arts Auditions

for Grades 8-12



Magnet Overview

Stivers' Visual Arts Magnet students become image-makers based upon their mastery of visual literacy. Students study their rich cultural heritage and work to develop an understanding of artists and their tools. Our young artists will examine and use a rich variety of media and build the foundations of a diverse aesthetic vocabulary.  Each student artist will be introduced to computer graphic technology and its application to image-making.

Each student artist will be introduced to photography and the basic fundamentals of the darkroom environment. Emphasis is placed on the introduction to and the application of the elements of art, thus empowering our young artists with the knowledge and the skills to create. Homework is assigned on a regular basis because becoming a successful artist requires practice and a personal investment of time.

Step-By-Step Audition Process

The visual Arts High School audition will consist of:

Audition Scoring

Each area will be evaluated on a ten-point scale with one point being the lowest score and 10 points being the highest. All points will be added to form one final score.