Band Auditions

for Grade 7



Next Audition:
Saturday, Feb. 9th 


Magnet Overview

Stivers offers four levels of band performance. Membership in each group is determined on the basis of ability and achievement.

All groups meet daily for 45 minutes of instruction. Once a week, the groups divide into like-instrument small groups for sectional rehearsal.


Step-By-Step Audition Process

1. Young musicians auditioning for the Stivers Band Magnet should prepare a line from a method book or a solo they have learned and can play with confidence. Candidates will be asked to play the music they prepared. If possible, please bring an extra copy of the music being performed.

2. Candidates will perform a teacher-selected scale.

3. Candidates will demonstrate their listening skills. The evaluator will play 3 pitches on the piano and have the student repeat each pitch. The audition candidate will be rated on their overall pitch recognition.


Audition Scoring

Students will be evaluated on the following areas of instrumental music performance:

Musical interpretation is very important. Every student is evaluated on his/her ability to musically interpret ideas and statements. Speed is not the greatest consideration.

Traditionally, large numbers of students have auditioned on flute, clarinet, saxophone, and drums. Because of these large numbers, the competition for positions in the bands is much higher for these instruments. Percussion students are advised to study mallet percussion or another melodic band instrument. Acceptance of percussion students (drummers) is subject to the instrumentation requirements of each band and will be limited.


How to Prepare

Sheet Music

The below sheet music is optional for use.  It is available for download for the following instruments below:

(Sheet music is in Adobe PDF format)