The Stivers Choir Magnet is an award-winning choral program.  The dedicated students in the Stivers Choirs have earned numerous solo and ensemble awards.  Members of the Stivers Choirs have collaborated with and been recognized by The University of Dayton's Vocal Performance Institute, the Dayton Opera Guild, Sinclair Community College Choir, and MUSICA! Graduates of Stivers have been awarded scholarships through The Dayton Opera Guild and the Dayton Music Club. Stivers Choir students have earned scholarships to universities such as Bowling Green, Wright State, University of Kentucky, and Central State University.

We are confident that all students in the Stivers Choir will enjoy being a part of this tradition as we continue to grow musically.  The mission of the Stivers Choir Magnet is to create an organization that produces quality performances in a fun and cooperative atmosphere.  The ultimate goal is to help each other reach the objectives of the program, enjoy positive, successful experiences, and provide opportunities at all ability levels.  Our goal is to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, to encourage students to appreciate a variety of musical styles, to develop in our students the skills needed to become lifelong musicians, to provide opportunities for students to sing in a healthy, resonant, and entertaining manner; and to set the standard of excellence in behavior and performance.

Choir Adjuncts

Tifton Graves
Blain Heeter III
Shannon LaRue
Stephanie Voelker

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Paula Powell, Director of Choirs, Stivers School for the Arts at 937-542-7409 or email

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