Creative Writing

Creative Writing is a 6-year program designed for students interested in exploring writing as an art form and for publication. Students will examine a variety of writing genres that requires them to understand, analyze, imitate and produce writing which reflects these genres. Each year of study is foundational for the following year. At the end of the program, students will have a vast knowledge of writing technique and skill, proficiency in a preferred style, a portfolio of their work, exposure to successful published writers in all genres, an opportunity for application and publication.

Course Goals

  • To study a variety of genres, authors and styles through reading, discussion, and analysis.
  • To experiment with a variety of writing genres, including but not limited to the short story, poetry, creative nonfiction, and performance.
  • To encourage writers to develop a love for words and figurative language.
  • To use the writing process of multiple drafts, revision, editing and response in composing their written pieces.
  • To practice critical skills by giving and receiving criticism of their own and peer writings.
  • To discover their creative voice as they explore the art of written expression.
  • To create a portfolio that provides examples and evidence of growth in each of the four forms.
  • To learn about and participate in the yearly opportunity to publish their work.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Taylor Kingston, Director of Creative Writing, Stivers School for the Arts at 937-542-7425 or email

Creative Writing Adjuncts

Eva Makstutis
Megan Morine Garrison
Kait Gilcher
Sydney Green
Joann Huist Smith

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