In over seventeen years of existence, the Dance Department has unfolded its ability to unearth the core energy of its students and shape it into artistic resourcefulness--the lifeblood of professional dance.  Students realize their gifts while studying dynamic movement forms: the pedestrian, the thoughtful, and the sublime.  As well, students are encouraged to use their creative energy to experiment with craft and forge a new movement that catches their young eyes long before it is recognized as dance. 

At Stivers School for the Arts dance students are alight with combustive creativity and knowledge that influences their approach to all they do and think for the balance of their learning lives.  They set academic rigor and creative inquiry to a multi-faceted investigation of the art form utilizing a time-consuming dance curriculum that is organized into progressive levels of technique, craft, history, and performance.  This prepares them for higher education in a broad range of subjects.

Student achievement is measured, qualitatively and quantitatively, by growth in physiological development and production of a senior portfolio that meets entry-level, university standards.  The dance department is peopled with exceptional students who are dancers.

Stivers’ reputation has garnered notable affiliations, locally, statewide, and at universities throughout the country, resulting in performance and scholarship opportunities, in a broad range of majors, for its best students and impending graduates.

Magnet fees for the Dance Program are used to support the program in the areas of:


  • Choreography
  • Travel Expenses

  • Stage Management

  • Master Classes

  • Music accompaniment

  • Sound management

  • Lighting design

  • Marley tape (for floors)

Dance Adjuncts

Kevin Anderson
Karen Hochwalt
Kirsten Ulrich
Rodney Veal

Click here for information about Dance auditions Grade 7. 

Click here for information about Dance auditions Grades 8-12.