Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program provides instruction in artistic mediums such as:  drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography.

Each year, Stivers artists compete in the Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition.  2010 Top 25 Winners included two Stivers students, Zuri Ali and Jessica McLaughlin.  Stivers students also compete each year in the Congressional Art Competition.

Two popular events each year include the annual Photography fundraiser; and "Soup Dressed Up", the Annual Ceramics Fundraiser.

While visiting Stivers, don't forget to visit our own Arts Gallery in the main hallway.

Below are the 2014 Regional Scholastics Art Competition Award Winners!

Portfolio Awards:
Luke Bergeron,  Stripped Identity  Gold Key      
Candace Pettiford,  Precipitance     Gold Key      
Morgan Strahorn,  Patterns of Origin: Prints   Gold Key     
Coco Gagnet,  Hallowed and Hollowed      Silver Key        
Morgan Strahorn,  Who do I Come From?     Silver Key     
Andrew Lark,  The Pay Off     Honorable Mention   
American Visions (Best in Show):
Sophie Davidson, Angles and Curves
Simon Kingston, The Woman with the Third Eye

Gold Key Awards:
Jacob Adams,  Eco-friendly Condominium
Keary Alaniz,  The Harvest
Feiruz Bakthir,  The Little Black Dress
Luke Bergeron,  Stripped Identity
Luke Bergeron,  Long Winter
Sulayman Chapelle,  Cat a Pilla
Markita Cummings,  Still Life
Sophie Davidson,  Angles and Curves
Alyssa Dee,  Innocence Lost
Davina Davis,  Man of Men
Emily Elam,  Tight Rope
Molly Farash,  Gracie 2
Lorelei Fink, Domesticity I
Lorelei Fink,  Domesticity II
Rebecca Ganow,  George]
Rebecca Ganow,  Recollection
Carley Giles,  Thoughts Triptych
Xoie Gullatte,  Adam, Pondering

Aubbey Hackett, Sculpture
Kacie Heflin,  The Day's Shadows
Abigail Hemmelgarn,  Kernels
Anthonee Hunter,  Luxurious Warfare
Nyanna Johnson,  The Knowing
Nyanna Johnson,  Mirrored Self
Barry Kingston,  Dreary Day
Simon Kingston,  Collection of Pineal Glands
Simon Kingston,  The Woman with the Third Eye
Simon Kingston, Zygotes
Kenia Lander, Falling in Place
Sam Lober,  Mandibular
Trisha Miller,  Mannequin
Roxana Olt,  Leah
Roxana Olt,  Let her Go
Candace Pettiford,  Precipitance
Hannah Pettiford,  Natures Pine
Hannah Pettiford,  Flat Plane
Sterling Rutledge,  Illusion
Morgan Strahorn,  Patterns of Origin: Prints
Erika Strohm,  9/11
Erin Ward,  Locust
Erin Ward, Self Portrait
D'Nae Webb,  Apart of You
Kieran Williams,  Hashtag Selfie Sunday

Silver Key Awards:
Isaac Anthony,  Reach
Feiruz Bakthir,  Right Angle
Mohamed Berri,  Lazy Cups
Byron Berry,  Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them
Dana Bolden,  Circumnavigate
Kristy Cartmell,  My Perfect Dolls
Josh Cigrang,  Paper Study
Ayana Crosby,  Sustained
Ayana Crosby,  Fearfaith
Markita Cummings,  Brittle Bones
Sophie Davidson,  Fractured City
Nadja Dewberry,  Red Card
Nia Dewberry,  Identity Crisis
Tori Duff,  Mystery Box                                   
Emily Elam,  All Wrapped Up
Marissa Enright,  The Human Within
Molly Farash,  Gracie 3
Lorelei Fink,  Sleep
Coco Gagnet,   Arc
Coco Gagnet,  Hallowed and Hollowed
Rebecca Ganow, The Lady
Taylor Ginwright,    Galaxy
Kayli Gunckel,   The Law Of Matter
Brandon Hill,  The Adventure Of Space
Gracie Hobbs,  Extraordinary Chinese
Anthonee Hunter,  The Majesty
Alexander Jalifi,  Wedding Dress
Nyanna Johnson,   Divided Innocence
Simon Kingston,  Child In The Road
Khadzhi Komilov,   Aqueous
Miannah Lawrence,  Still Life With Half Pint
Miannah Lawrence,  Baby Shoe
Sam Lober,  Stranger
Sam Lober,  Empty
Sam Lober,  Levitation
Jacob Lower,  Demons
Zachary Lugo,  Zach
Niasia Matlock,  Jade In Blue
Jenna McBride,  Fruit Pies
Trisha Miller,  Moth Balls Print 3
Brandon Moe,  Under The Moon
Roxana Olt,  Small Steps, Big Boots
Roxana Olt,  Floating
Kevin Pennington,   Lost Translation
Amalia Petreman,   Enclave 02
Hannah Pettiford,   Ornament
Hannah Pettiford,   Sharp Angles
Morgan Robinson-Gay,   I am a Transylvanian
Rachel Rosen,  Spectral Skin
Cory Snell,  Along The Lines
Morgan Strahorn,  Who Do I Come From?
Morgan Strahorn,  Broken/ Broken Open/ Open
Morgan Strahorn,  Hyperventilation
Erika Strohm,  Sip
Tyler Traylor,  The Cross  
Kristen Wagers,  Back Streets
Kristen Wagers,  Delicious
Elizabeth Webster,  Offset
Kira Whitelow,  Desert Heat
Kieran Williams,  Hashtag Throw Back Thursday
Shelby Worley,  Stay... Good Boy
Shelby Worley,  Block Party
Malik Young,  Green Strokes
Malik Young,  Color Blind
Honorable Mention Awards:
Jacob Adams,  One Autumn Morning
Keary Alaniz,  Gem City's Hardknock
Ptah Amissah-Aidoo,  Closer                              
Kryshae Averette,  Dayton
London Ayton ,  Crick In The Light   
Feiruz Bakthir,  The Worm
Teryn Barker,  Reflection
Mohamed Berri,   Last Words
Danielle Birbal,  Donut Delight
Hanah Brannon,   Contour Interior
Deneisha Brooks,   The Chinese Dragon Of Awesomeness
Madison Campbell,  Workspace Interior
Jessica Cartmell,  Art Room Still Life
Sulayman Chapelle,  Redrum
Jaylinn Chase, The Divide
Hali Cobb,  Rise
Shayla Cole,  Balloon Assist
Ayana Crosby,   Constant
Alyssa Dee,   Compatible
Nia Dewberry,  Hairy Larry
Solomon Dickerson,   Kinggraff (Self Portrait)
Erin Dix,  My Name Is
Jessica Duckett,  Breath Of War
Destinee Dunn,   Painful Bite
Marissa Enright,   Explosive Convulsions
James Fields IV,  What We Hide In The Dark
Kylie Fine,  Selachimorpha
Kylie Fine,  Deathly Shadows
Lorelei Fink,  Resurrect
Lorelei Fink,  Repent
Lorelei Fink,   Domesticity
Coco Gagnet,  Still Life
Coco Gagnet,  Genesis
Marie Gangloff,  Still Life In Grayscale
Taylor Ginwright,  Pyrolite
Shafton Greene, Viewing A Dying City In A Different Perspective
Aidan Guerin,  Chance
Iona Guerin,   Too Many Mouths to Feed
Xoie Gullatte,   Adam, Introspective
Deasia Hayes,  Uk Bookbag
Courtney Heflin,  When Worlds Collide
KacieHeflin,  Debris
Darold Highsmith,  My Desire
Carolyn Hunter,  Pretty Pinches
Dominique Johnson,  Shadow of the Orchard
Nyanna Johnson,  Fragmented Thoughts
Joshua Joslin- Knapp,  Epilepsy
Simon Kingston,  Deer Head
Simon Kingston,  Third Eye Reflections
Khadzhi Komilov,   Babushka
Khadzhi Komilov,  Beauty From The Inside
Kenia Lander,  My Generation
Catherine Lara,   Misconceived
Andrew Lark,  The Pay Off
Jera Lauderdale,  Balloon
Miannah Lawrence,  Reflection In The Mirror
Miannah Lawrence,  Cracked Galaxy
Ciara Lewis,  End Of Wind
Ciara Lewis,  On The Lookout
Ciara Lewis,  Stumped            
Jenna McBride,  Elegance
Nicole Mcbride,  Contour Drawing With Watercolor
Sommer Mcnabb,   Burger Bowl                                
Trisha Miller,  The Approach
William Mills,   Disney            
Tania Nichols,  Waiting For Better Days
Tania Nichols,  Wrong Way
Zenon Ocegueda,  Chrome Plants         
TaSean O'Dell,  Life in the Skies
TaSean O'Dell,  The Beauty of Death
Roxana Olt,  Escape
Roxana Olt,  Tropico
Nanci Payne,  Lemon
Hannah Pettiford,  Drop Plane
Riqui Plummer,  Auxillium
KeSean Price,  Windows
Georgia Prudden,  Miss April
Georgia Prudden,  Miss August
Kali Releford,  An Outlined World
Morgan Robinson-Gay,  When God Looks Away
Momoko Rolle,  Fall Corn
Zarifa Shakhbandarova,  Me
Cory Snell,  All the Better to See You With, My Dear
Mercedes Stanley-Perez,  Rhythm of the Inferno
Melissa Swain, Charlotte's Web
Cheyanne Thomas,  Shirt #2
Chris Turner,  Afro-Red
Kristen Wagers,  Crimson Glass
Kristin Wagers,  October Trilogy
Zade Walters,  Last Emotions
D'Nae Webb,  Blurred Future
Amber Zanders,  Lady Blu

The list of our students' 2013 Accomplishments and Awards can be downloaded HERE!

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