Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program provides instruction in artistic mediums such as:  drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography.

Each year, Stivers artists compete in the Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition.  2010 Top 25 Winners included two Stivers students, Zuri Ali and Jessica McLaughlin.  Stivers students also compete each year in the Congressional Art Competition.

Two popular events each year include the annual Photography fundraiser; and "Soup Dressed Up", the Annual Ceramics Fundraiser.

While visiting Stivers, don't forget to visit our own Arts Gallery in the main hallway.

Pictured: Awards ceremony for Congressional Art Awards. Pictured from left to right are winners:

First place: Desmond Kingston
Second place: Noah Beckham
Third-place: Roxana Olt

The list of our students' 2014 Regional Scholastic Award Winners can be downloaded HERE!

The list of our students' 2013 Accomplishments and Awards can be downloaded HERE!

For more information, please contact Julie Anderson at or Liz Whipps at

Visual Arts Faculty

Director - Julie Anderson

George Armstrong - Sculpture Studio
Eric R. Dickey - Film & Animation Studio
Jacqueline Eccles - Visual Arts
Lorelei Fink - Visual Arts
Mark Anthony Hall - Ceramic Studio
James Michael Kahle - Sculpture Studio
Jean Koeller - Painting Studio
Jaiymie Kiggins - Sculpture Studio
Paula Wilmot Kraus - Photography Studio
Tina Lakin - Computer Graphics Studio
Alvaro Linares - Visual Arts
Kathy Mahoney - Visual Arts
TimMahoney - Visual Arts
Abby Rose Maurer - Printmaking Studio
Edmond Merricle - Painting Studio
Katie Swartz - Ceramic Studio
Frank Travers - Printmaking Studio
Shon Walters - Sculpture Studio
Ryan Wysong - Visual Arts
Micah Zavacky - Visual Arts

For audition information for Grades 7-8, please go to the 7-8 Audition Information page HERE.

For audition information for Grades 9-12, please go to the 9-12 Audition Information page HERE.

For performance information, please go to the calendar.