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ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Math and Science Scholarships
Named for the first African American to walk in space, ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Math and Science Scholarships are available to 2017 graduating high school seniors in school districts represented by the Council of the Great City Schools.  Four scholarships for two males and two females --- $5,000 each --- will be awarded to two African American and two Hispanic students on behalf of the former NASA astronaut, physician and businessman, Dr. Bernard Harris. 
Deadline for submissions is April 10, 2017.
Students may apply to the scholarship online at

Healthcare Leaders Scholarship
3.00 GPA
for students entering medicine or nursing
Due by January 29, 2017

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority - Soror Ruth Richardson Memorial Scholarship
2.75 GPA
minority senior males
evidence of community service
Postmarked by February 10, 2017

State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship
50 awards of $2,500 (may be renewed for one additional year)
2.50 GPA
must be a citizen and show financial need
Due March 2, 2017 (Only the first 700 will be accepted)

Wright-Patterson Officers' Spouses Club Scholarship
3.00 GPA 2017 high school graduate
Postmarked by March 8, 2017
The applicant must live within 100 miles of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and also be a bona fide dependent of:

  1. An active duty U.S. military member or full-time reservist assigned to WPAFB, or
  2. A retired military member residing within 100 miles of WPAFB, or
  3. A deployed, deceased, POW or MIA U.S. military member, or
  4. An active duty international military member currently assigned to WPAFB.

AIC College of Design (Cincinnati)
$1,000 - $10,000

USDA/1890 National Scholars Program
Full tuition, employment employee benefits, fees, books, room and board for four years to selected students pursuing a bachelor's degree at one of the 19 HBCU's on their web page.  The student must major in one of the 18 majors listed.
The student can major in one of the 18 areas and also major in another major (double-major) of their choice.  The scholarship will pay for both degrees.
3.00 GPA + U.S.citizen
postmarked by December 31, 2016

AIA Dayton Architecture Student Design Competition
Open to all college-bound students in grades 9 through 12 and their instructors within zip codes beginning with 453.454,455,458 interested in art,architecture, or design may participate.
$25 entry fee
registration deadline - January 20, 2017

Healthcare Leaders Scholarship
3.00 GPA
Due January 29, 2017

ETA Phi Beta Sorority Scholarship
3.00 GPA
participate in school activities and community service
due January 30, 2017

PFLAG (Parents, Families, & Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
three $2,000 and one $1,000 scholarships
postmarked by February 1, 2017

W.S. McIntosh Memorial Leadership Award
full ride to the University of Dayton
must be graduating African-American senior living in Montgomery County
high grades plus community service
Contact Guidance Counselor
Materials must re received by U.D. on or before February 1, 2017

WACE Scholarship
for ten participating co-op schools
University of Toledo & University of Cincinnati up to $24,000
3.50 GPA required
Postmarked by February 15, 2017

Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Foundation Scholarship
$1,000 x 4 years = $4,000
GPA  2.50 = U.S.citizen
Must have a career in the crude oil and natural gas industry or a related field
must be Ohio resident planning to attend an Ohio school
Due March 1, 2017

Altrusa Club of Dayton-Ruth Richardson Scholarship
3.50 GPA
Need acceptance letter and a copy of SAR (Student Aid Report), activity list and seven semester transcript
Due - March 10th  (tentative)
2017 Ruth D. Corcoran Scholarship (Galen College of Nursing)
3.00 GPA/SAT 1400/ACT 20
Award must be applied towards tuition at Galen College of Nursing.
Due March 10, 2017

Stivers Alumni Scholarship
$1,000 $2,500 $4,000
3.00 GPA
counselor has to verify acceptance and GPA
Due March 19, 2017

Rumpke Recycling Scholarship
essay contest
Deadline - March 10, 2017

You Can Count on Me Scholarship
2.50 GPA
applicant must enroll in a postsecondary education or training program beginning no later than the fall of 2017.
deadline-December 31, 2016

Burger King Scholarship
$1,000 to $50,000
2.00 GPA
Due December 15, 2016

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship
five $3,200 scholarships to Wright State University
Due December 5, 2016

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Scholarship
$5,000 $3,000 $2,000 $1,000
essay contest
Contact Guidance Counselor
Postmarked by October 21, 2016

AXA Achievement Scholarship
$25,000 $10,000 $2,500 ($1,4 million available)
community service/overcome personal obstacles/led a project that benefits others
apply by December 15, 2016 Only the first 10,000 will be accepted.