Extra-Curricular Activities

Fifth Street Tigers

Math Honor Society
Math Olympics/Math Club
Muse Machine Club
National Honor Society
National Junior Honor Society
Optimist Club

Travelers Club
Tri-M Honor Society

Fifth Street Tigers

advisor:  Cindy Spangler, 542-7445 or cgspangl@dps.k12.oh.us

Do you need community service hours for scholarships? Do you live close to Stivers?
Are you available after school or on the weekends?  Do you like to garden?  Do you have great ideas?
Are you a responsible, hard worker?

Ms. Spangler is looking for students, grade 7-12, to become Fifth Street Tigers.  We will work with the St. Anne's Fifth Street Committee to improve the appearance of Fifth Street.  Possible activites include:  maintain/expand Stivers' gardens, help with neighborhood parks and greenways, help with neighborhood events and projects, plan/implement Stivers' events that promote taking ride in our Historic Inner East Neighborhood.

Contact Ms. Spanger for more information.

JCOWA (Junior Council On World Affairs)

advisor: Bridget Federspiel, 542-7441 or bfedersp@dps.k12.oh.us

Junior Council On World Affairs is the student program of the Dayton Council on World Affairs, a non-profit organization that has served the Dayton region for over 60 years.  JCOWA engages high school students in global topics through a variety of programs.  International events impact the future of students.  JCOWA helps students develop an international perspective, understand complex issues and apply global thinking to their decisions. 

Membership cost is only $10.00 a year!  Student benefits throughout JCOWA membership:

  • Students meet students from other JCOWA chapters (14)  in the Dayton area to discuss current issues and compete in an international quiz bowl.  
  • Students enrich their knowledge regarding major universities and their campuses in the Dayton area (University of Dayton, Wright State University) along with learning about the role of Dayton in the international peace process and Dayton’s Sister Cities connection.
  • JCOWA is part of a national organization and looks great on a college application!  JCOWA is part of the World Affairs Council of America. (WACA)
  • JCOWA has formed a partnership with Sister Cities and will have opportunities for students to travel to Dayton's Sister Cities in Germany, Israel and Japan along with conferences.  
  • And finally there is the scholarship available only to DPS students.  The Pfeife Smith World Affairs Scholarship Fund is awarded to a graduating DPS student who has a strong interest in political science and/or international studies and who plans to attend the UD, WSU or Sinclair Community College.  The scholarship is for $2500 to $5000 for the freshman year only.  

Math Honor Society

advisor: Adre Daniels, 542-7422 or aldaniel@dps.k12.oh.us

Math Olympics/Math Science Club

advisor: Jane Abourezk, 542-7423 or jeaboure@dps.k12.oh.us

Middle School Math Club is for seventh and eighth grade students who want to extend their math thinking, further exploring some of the math activities we don't have time for in class.  The Stivers Math-O-Lympics Team is selected from this group of students, to compete in the district competition.  Middle School Math Club is an after-school activity.

Muse Machine Club

advisor: Leslie Rogers - (937) 542-7388 or LRogers@dps.k12.oh.us

The mission of The Muse Machine is to enhance the lives of young people by providing them with opportunities to experience and value the arts.  There are four major aspects of The Muse Machine:  teacher training (for teachers only), the in-school program, the out-of-school program, and the special projects (Muse Machine Musical, literary opportunities, web-site contributions, and student arts workshops).

At Stivers School for the Arts, we expect to have three in-school programs, which are included in the membership.  We also expect to attend at three out-of-school programs at The Schuster Center, Victoria Theater, or The Loft.  Currently, there are limited numbers of tickets available for out of school performances, the sooner students join Muse Machine; the better their chances are for obtaining tickets for the event.

We would like to encourage everyone at Stivers to participate in this program.  The Muse Machine can be a unique and exciting experience, which opens you to a new world of activities, interests and friends.  We are please to bring you this opportunity here at Stivers.  Whether you are a parent, student or teacher, we hope you will play a special part in promoting involvement in the Muse Machine.
Muse Membership is $15 for membership.  Additional $15 for one ticket to the Muse Musical "Mary Poppins"
See Ms. Rogers for Muse applications.

National Honor Society

advisor: Nicholas Kaufman, 542-7443 or nkaufman@dps.k12.oh.us

The National Honor Society continues to help Ms Daniels with after school tutoring on Wednesdays.  They also have been collecting donations for the Red Cross' Relief Fund of Japan.  The Junior Honor Society also helped out with the collection.  In April, NHS will participate in the Five Rivers Metro Parks' Annual Cleanup.  At the end of April they will work at the Special Olympics in which other Stivers' students compete.  The president of NHS this year is Lashaunha Lavender. 

The Stivers Ace Chapter of the National Honor Society is a student organization whose purpose is to promote academics, leadership, service, and character.  Students are inducted in the fall as juniors and seniors, and must demonstrate those 4 qualities.  Throughout the year, members are involved in service activities for their school and community.

National Junior Honor Society

advisor: Jane Abourezk, 542-7423 or jeaboure@dps.k12.oh.us

The Stivers School For the Arts National Junior Honor Society is a student organization whose purpose is to promote academics, leadership, service and character.  Selected students are inducted in May of their seventh grade year and participate as eighth graders. Throughout the year students are involved in community and school wide service projects.

The National Junior Honor Society(NJHS) was Co-founded in 1929 by Merke Prunty and L.W. Brooks.  The NJHS is an organization that recognizes and encourages academic achievement among middle level students while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy.  These ideals of Scholarship, Character, Service, Citizenship, and Leadership remain as relevant today as they were in 1929.

Optimist Club

advisor: TBD

The Downtown Dayton Optimist Club will once again be mentoring Stivers School for the Arts students.  Known for being “The Friends of Youth”, the Optimist members have in the past funded many worthwhile youth activities in the community.  However, the Downtown Dayton Optimist members wanted an even more direct contact with youth, and they chose Stivers.  We have been working with the Dayton Optimist Club since 1999.

The students meet once a month at a luncheon meeting and are treated to various guest speakers on topics that are beneficial to them.  The Club members also give generously of their time by attending various student concerts and performances at Stivers.  The advice given by various members encourage and motivate Stivers students.


advisor: TBD

Scholastics is an art competition.  The competitions work through the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, a nonprofit organization, who identifies teenagers with exceptional artistic and literary talent and brings their remarkable work to a national audience through The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

Stivers competes at both the middle and high school level, sending pieces of drawing painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and other visual arts as well as writing.  Each year our students are able to procure numerous Gold and Silver Key awards.  The Gold key awards go on to compete at the national level and each year we have students who’s work wins national awards.  Many of our seniors have entire portfolios of work that receive Gold Keys both at the Regional and National levels.

Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish Honor Society)

advisor: TBD, 542-7407

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica is an internationally recognized honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish and Portuguese and is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.  Formally organized as the Spanish National Honor Society in 1953, the name was changed in 1959.  At present there are over 1,700 national and international chapters.

The purpose of the society is to recognize high achievement of high school students in the Spanish and Portuguese languages and to promote a continuing interest in Hispanic and Portuguese studies.  Students in this organization are involved in the planning and carrying out of social, cultural and academic projects pertaining to the promotion of the Spanish language and of Hispanic culture throughout their membership.

Travelers Club (Stivers Travelers)

Advisors: Bridgette Federspiel and Donna King

Students who travel abroad experience and understand other cultures, other people, and other possibilities. Universities and business are putting a greater emphasis on traveling and studying abroad because it gives students a better understanding of the world around them.  We are offering our Stivers students this enriching opportunity.

The Travelers first adventure was a seven day stay in London, England in 2009 followed by a nine day trip to Rome, Italy in 2010.  The Travelers went to Spain in 2011 and Germany in June 2012.  Our travel tours are accredited, which means that students can earn high school credit by going on tour and completing associated coursework.

We believe that a travel abroad experience will enable the students to appreciate and understand another country and its culture in a way that a traditional classroom cannot provide.

Plans for 2016 are currently in the works. Check back soon.l

Tri-M Honor Society

advisor: Lois Ramey, 542-7426 or lcramey@dps.k12.oh.us

The Tri-M Honor Society is an international program dedicated to the recognition of exceptional music students in grades 10-12 that meets the high music, academic, leadership, and character criteria.  Tri-M is a program of MENC (the National Association for Music Education) which is the largest arts education association in the world.

The purpose of Tri- M is to recognize the musical achievements of our school's musicians, strengthen our school's music program, provide music programs to the community while maintaining high academic standards.  Students must be invited to join the Tri-M Music Honor Society.