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Senior Calendar

August 2017
Senior Dues are must be paid prior to buying Homecoming tickets, ordering a t-shirt, or attending any senior activity.  Dues are $40.

September 2017
9/9 - ACT administered at Stivers
9/11 - College Visit - University of Kentucky
9/12 - College Visit - Tuskegee  University
9/13 - College Visit - University of Cincinnati
9/14 - College Visit - University of Akron;  Butler University
9/18 - College Visit - The Ohio State University + Map
9/20 - College Visit - Central State University
9/21 - College Visit - Wright State University
9/27 - Meeting for parents of seniors - 6:30pm
9/29 - Boys and Girls Varsity Soccer Homecoming Game
9/30 - Homecoming Dance - 8:00pm to Midnight.  Mandatory Semi-formal attire. Tickets $20, one guest only ($25 for guest ticket). 10th-12th grade only.

October 2017
10/3 - College Visit - Miami University
10/4 - College Visit - Otterbein University; College for Creative Studies (Visual Arts); and Morehouse College
10/5 - College Visit - University of Chicago at 7:00pm for all
10/6 - College Visit - Kent State University; and Maryland Institute of Art (MICA) (Visual Arts)
10/7- SAT administered at Stivers;
10/10 - College Visit - Bowling Green State University; and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) (Visual Arts)
10/12 - College Visit - University of Dayton
10/13 - College Visit - Cleveland State University School of Music (philharmonic orchestra)
10/18 - College Visit - University of Southern California

10/23 - College Visit - Cleveland State University; and Point Park University
10/25 - College Visit - University of Cincinnati - DAPP (visual arts)
10/27 - College Visit - Ohio University
10/28 - ACT administered at Stivers
10/23-10/31- Fall OGT (Ohio Graduation Tests)

November 2017
11/4 - SAT at Stivers
11/17 - Blood Drive
TBD - Financial Aid/College & Career Night - 6:30pm at Stivers

December 2017
12/1 - College applications for admission are typically due
12/2 - SAT (other locations)
TBD - Senior Honors Recital Auditions
12/8 - Stivers Celebrates!
12/9 - ACT (other locations)
12/15, 18-19- Semester Exams

January 2018
1/17 - Senior Class Meeting re: Cap & Gowns - 3rd pd.
TBD - Senior Recital Auditions 3:00-5:00pm
TBD - Senior picture for Yearbook
TBD - Senior Piano Recital Auditions 3-5pm
1/23 - National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, 7pm Centennial Hall
1/31- Senior orders taken during B/C lunch (cap & gown orders)

February 2018

2/7 - Senior orders taken during B/C lunch (cap & gown orders)
2/16 - Senior Honors Recital 7pm
2/27 - Senior Theatre and Dance Showcase, 7pm in Centennial Hall
TBD-  Baccalaureate/commencement speech audition requirements handed out (See Ms. Sorrell)

March 2018

3/10 - SAT (other locations)
3/21 - Winter Athletic Awards 6:30pm cENTENNIAL hALL
3/12-23 - Spring OGT
3/16 - Class of 2018 Dinner at the Presidential Banquet Center (Door opens 6:15, Dinner at 7pm)
TBD - Senior Composite Photo due to Schwabe's
TBD - Baccalaureate/commencement speech forms due by 3:30 to Ms. Sorrell
TBD-  Baccalaureate/commencement speech auditons in Ms. Sorrell's room
TBD - Spring High School Dance (high school) 8:00-11:00pm
TBD - Senior Obligations due by 3:00pm

April 2018
TBD - AP Exams
4/14 - ACT administered at Stivers
4/26 - Senior Awards Ceremony
4/27 - Graduation Announcements delivered (if ordered from Graduate Services) - B/C lunch
TBD - Senior Class Meeting (3rd period)

May 2018
5/4 - Prom
5/5 - SAT (various locations)
5/9-5/18 - AP Exams
5/14-15 - Senior Exams
5/18 - Baccalaureate at 7pm, Stivers Centennial Hall 
5/21 - Spring Athletic Awards - 6:30pm

5/23 - Commencement at 5:30pm, the Masonic Center
TBD - Senior Theatre Repetoire Presentation
TBD - Commencement Practice 8:00 at Stivers (caps and gowns distributed after obligations are fulfilled)
TBD - Commencement Practice 8:00 at Stivers (tickets are distributed after obligations have been fulfilled)

June 2018
6/2 - SAT administered at Stivers
6/9 - ACT administered at Stivers

Senior Obligations

Mandatory Obligations

Senior Dues

Senior Dues are must be paid prior to buying Homecoming tickets, ordering a t-shirt, or attending any senior activity.  Dues are $40.

It is very important that seniors begin paying down obligations: magnet fees, missing books, lab fees, magnet supplies (tuxedos, instruments, etc.).  Please do not wait until the end of the year to take care of this.  Remember it takes time for teachers to resolve missing textbook issues.

Cap and Gown
Graduate services will distribute order forms for caps and gowns, invitations, announcements, memory books, etc.  They will take orders and money in January during B and C lunch in the cafeteria.  Please pay attention to due dates to avoid late charges.

Students who borrow a cap and gown from an older sibling or friend will need to buy a 2017 tassel.  See Ms. Sorrell for this.

Announcements, invitations, memory books will be delivered to Stivers in April during lunch.  Caps and gowns will be handed out at the first commencement practice.

Composite Photo
Students who would like their photo to appear on the Class of 2017 composite photograph need to schedule an appointment at Schwabe Studio. 


Senior pictures
You may use any photographer you choose for your senior pictures.  Do not feel pressured to purchase senior photos or to use one studio over another.  Senior photos can be very expensive.  Many students use Schwabe Studio. 

The Homecoming Game is Saturday, October 1st (King and Queen will be announced at the game) and the Homecoming Dance is Friday, September 30th at Stivers. The Stivers Homecoming is a semi-formal event and the ticket price is $20. Students may purchase one ticket for a non–Stivers guest for $25. This dance is the main fundraiser for the senior class.  Tickets will be on sale the week of the dance.  Seniors must have paid senior dues to purchase a ticket.  Ms. Sorrell can answer questions about this event.

Senior Dinner
The senior dinner (March 11th) is a nice event for seniors only (no family or friends).  Seniors will eat dinner, receive senior superlatives, watch the senior slide show, and take photographs.  This event is for seniors who have paid their senior dues and have paid all obligations to date.

The Prom is May 5th.  Prom is a formal event and is held at the Greek Orthodox Church next to the Dayton Art Institute. Seniors receive a free ticket for themselves and may purchase one ticket for a non-Stivers student.  Mrs. Daniels can answer questions about this event.

Senior Pic Nic
The Senior Pic Nic is open to all seniors. The date, time and location will be announced later, but this event usually occurs after one of the commencement practices.  There is no charge for this, just bring a dish to share.  Sign up sheet will be posted in English classes. 


Scholarship information can be found on the Scholarship page HERE.